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Please Note

From 13th December 2014 it is a legal requirement for you to inform your customers of products that contain Allergens.

We are currently updating our website with this information.

All packaged products  sold at the club will of course already have Allergens detailed on the labels however, in the meantime, please contact us directly if you need advice.

TEL:01424 721479 

Dear Customer
Club Horizon is aware of the change in Regulation and understands the obligations communicating allergen information to the end consumer.
Information by product regarding Allergen content is currently being updated on our website against each product. This exercise will be completed shortly so please  If you require Allergen information, please refer to our website in the first instance. 

If we don’t have the information shown on specific products, please contact us directly:  All packaged products will of course already have Allergens detailed on the labels.
All information has been supplied by the Brandowners that we work with at Club Horizon  We accept no liability for the accuracy of the information or the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.
If you would like more information about the impact of the new regulations on your business for all products, food as well as drink, then can we suggest you contact the British Hospitality Association which has launched an Allergens Toolkit for its members, or the British Institute of Innkeepers which has arranged a free consultation for its members.
We hope this helps however please do not hesitate in contacting us should you have any further questions.
Kind regards

Yours sincerely

Ian White

On Dec 13th 2014 the food labeling law is changing for anyone in catering.

What does this mean?
What are the 14 food allergens?
How do you need to display the 14 
allergens to customers and just what needs to show on your menu? 

See the details below:

What you must do to comply with the new allergen law

The new food labeling law says you must provide information to customers on any of the 14 allergens used as ingredients in foods you make and sell.

Full allergens list:

1. Peanuts

2. Tree nuts

3. Molluscs

4. Fish

5. Crustaceans

6. Mustard

7. Celery

8. Gluten

9. Soya

10. Sulphites

11. Milk

12. Eggs

13. Sesame

14. Lupin

Club Horizon & Granary Club 
Product Name Product Custom Fields
Peroni 24x330ml NRB "Allergy Advice=Gluten"
Budweiser 330ml NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
Bombardier English 8X500ml "Allergy Advice=Barley"
GUINNESS DUBLIN PORTER 8 X 500ML 3.8% NRB "Allergy Advice=Gluten"
GUINNESS WEST INDIES PORTER 8 X 500ML 6% NRB "Allergy Advice=Gluten"
Fullers London Pride 24x330ML "Allergy Advice=Gluten"
Becks 24x275ml Case "Allergy Advice=Barley"
BIRRA MORETTI 15X660ML "Allergy Advice=Barley"
AFFLIGEM DOUBLE 24X300ML "Allergy Advice=Barley"
HILDEN TWISTED HOP 12X500ML 4.7% NRB "Allergy Advice=Gluten"
Desperados 24/330ml NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
SAN MIGUEL 24X330ML 0%NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
CARLSBERG 24X330ML 0% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
ERDINGER WEISSBIER 12/500/5.3 NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley & Wheat"
Heineken 330ml NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
MODELO NEGRA 24X355ML 5.3% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
MODELO ESPECIAL 24X355ML 4.5% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
GUINNESS GOLDEN ALE 8 X 500ML 4.5% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
THIS IS LAGER 12X330ML 4.7% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
KINGFISHER 24X330ML NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
Foster's 24x275ml 4.0% NRB (Beer) FOSTER'S 24X275ML 4.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley & Wheat"
BUDVAR BUDWEISER 24X330ML 5.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=Gluten"
Kaliber 24 x 330ml bottles "Allergy Advice=Barley"
Stella Artois 24x 330ml bottle "Allergy Advice=Gluten"
Courage Light Ale 24 x 275ml "Allergy Advice=Barley"
RED STRIPE 24X300ML 4.7% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
Holsten Pils Lager 24 x 275ml "Allergy Advice=Barley"
SAN MIGUEL FRESCA 24X330ML NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
CARLSBERG SPECIAL BREW 24X275ML 9% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
BRAINS THE REVEREND JAMES 8X500ML 4.5% "Allergy Advice=Barley & Wheat"
FOSTER'S RADLER 24X300ML 2.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley & Wheat"
Sagres 24x330ML "Allergy Advice=Barley"
Fosters Gold 24 x 330ml NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley and Wheat"
Birra Moretti Premium Italian Lager 24 x 330ml "Allergy Advice=Barley"
Amstel 330ml 4 X 6 Pack "Allergy Advice=Barley"
Tiger 24x 330ml NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE 12X550ML 4.7% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley and Wheat"
Corona 24 x 330ml NRB "Allergy Advice=Gluten"
Kronenbourg 1664 275ml NRB 24 pack "Allergy Advice=Barley and Wheat"
Cobra 24x330ml "Allergy Advice=Glutten"
SAN MIGUEL 24X330ML NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
CALEY DEUCHARS IPA 8X500ML 4.4% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley & Wheat"
DUNGARVAN COPPER COAST 12X500ML 4.3% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
DUNGARVAN HELVICK GOLD 12X500ML 4.9% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
MONTEITHS BOHEMIAN PILSNER 4X6/330/5 NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
MONTEITHS IPA 4X6/330/5.5 NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
MONTEITHS SOUTHERN PA 4X6/330/4.6 NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
MONTEITHS SUMMER ALE 4X6/330/5 NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
GUINNESS HOP HOUSE 13 12X330ML 5% NRB "Allergy Advice=Gluten"
BREWDOG DEAD PONY CLUB 12 X 330ML 3.8% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
BREWDOG FIVE AM RED ALE 12 X 330ML 5% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
ESTRELLA DAMM 24X330ML 4.6% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
THEAKSTON XB 8X500ML 4.5% NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley & Wheat"
DOM PERIGNON 2004 75CL (GIFT BOX) "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
TAITTINGER BRUT NV 75CL GIFT BOX "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
BULMERS PEAR 12X568ML 4.5% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
MARQUIS DE LA TOUR ROSE NV 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
MOËT & CHANDON BRUT NV 75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
POMMERY BRUT ROSÉ 75CL 12.5% "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
SARTORI PROSECCO SPUMANTE 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
SARTORI PROSECCO SPUMANTE 24X20C "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
VEUVE CLICQUOT YELLOW LABEL NV 75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
OLIVER & GREG'S PROSECCO BRUT 6X75 "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
FOSTER'S 4.0% 11G KEG "Allergy Advice=Barley & Wheat"
GUINNESS 4.1% 11G KEG "Allergy Advice=Gluten"
KRONENBOURG 1664 5.0% 11G KEG "Allergy Advice=Barley & Wheat"
JOHN SMITH'S EXTRA SMOOTH 3.6% 11G KEG "Allergy Advice=Barley & Wheat"
STELLA ARTOIS 4% 11G KEG "Allergy Advice=Gluten"
CARLSBERG 3.8% 11G KEG "Allergy Advice=Barley"
WOODPECKER CIDER 4.0% 11G KEG "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
STRONGBOW 4.5% 11G KEG "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
SCRUMPY JACK 5.2% 11G KEG "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
GAYMERS OLDE ENGLISH CIDER 4.5% 11G 50L KEG "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
COURAGE BEST BITTER 4.0% 9G CASK "Allergy Advice=Barley"
COURAGE DIRECTORS 4.8% 9G CASK "Allergy Advice=Barley"
THEAKSTON BEST 3.8% 9G CASK "Allergy Advice=Barley & Wheat"
BOMBARDIER BITTER 4.1% 9G CASK "Allergy Advice=Barley"
MCEWAN'S EXPORT 4.5% 50L KEG "Allergy Advice=Barley"
ADDLESTONES CIDER 8X500ML 5.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
STELLA CIDRE 12X568ML 4.5% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
MAGNERS ORIGINAL 12X568ML 4.5% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
KOPPARBERG MIXED FRUIT 15X500ML 4.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
KOPPARBERG STRAWBERRY & LIME 15X500ML 4.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
SMIRNOFF RED VODKA 1.5L "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
GORDON'S GIN 1.5L "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
CAPTAIN MORGAN BLACK RUM 1.5L "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
BELL'S 8 YEAR OLD 1.5L "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
SOUTHERN COMFORT 1.5L 35% "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
FAMOUS GROUSE 1.5L "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
COURVOISIER VS 1.5L "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
CAPTAIN MORGAN SPICED RUM GOLD 1.5L "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
WHYTE & MACKAY 1.5L "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
SQUIRES GIN 1.5L "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
ODESSA VODKA 1.5L "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
MALIBU 1.5L "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
THE BULLETIN ZINFANDEL ROSÉ 12X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
HUMBOLDT COAST BLUSH 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
OLIVER & GREG'S ZINFANDEL ROSE 24X187CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
BAREFOOT PINK MOSCATO 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
OLIVER & GREG'S CHARDONNAY 24X187ML "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
OLIVER & GREG'S PINOT GRIGIO 24X187ML "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
WALLABY CREEK CHARDONNAY 2013 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
BAREFOOT PINOT GRIGIO 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
BAREFOOT CABERNET SAUVIGNON 6X75CL Barefoot Cabe "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
OLIVER & GREG'S PINOT GRIGIO BLUSH 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
WALLABY CREEK ROSE 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
WALLABY CREEK SHIRAZ 2013 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
OLIVER & GREG'S MERLOT 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
OLIVER & GREG'S SHIRAZ 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
OLIVER & GREG'S MERLOT 24X187ML "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
OLIVER & GREG'S SHIRAZ 24X187ML "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
ALTA RITA MERLOT 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
ARGENTO MALBEC 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
SARTORI PINOT GRIGIO BLUSH 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
PIESPORTER MICHELSBERG J BRADER 2011 12X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
CHATSWORTH ESTATE CHARDONNAY 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Egg and Sulpher"
WOLF BLASS BILYARA CHARDONNAY 12X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
BAREFOOT REFRESH CRISP WHITE 6X75CL "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
HOOCH LEMON 24X500ML "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
HOOCH ORANGE 24X500ML "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
COKE 7L BIB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
DIET COKE 7L BIB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
R WHITES LEMONADE 7L BIB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
RED BULL 24X250ML CAN "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
SMIRNOFF ICE 24X275ML 4.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
CRABBIES RASPBERRY 12X500ML 4.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
CRABBIES GINGER BEER 12X500ML 4.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
WKD RED 24X275ML 4.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
VK BLUE 24X275ML 4.0% "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
Gordon's Gin 70cl "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
SMIRNOFF RED VODKA 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
Famous Grouse 70cl "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
JACK DANIELS 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
JAGERMEISTER 70CL 35% "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
JAMESON IRISH WHISKY 70CL "Allergy Advice=Barley"
AMARETTO DISARONNO 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
CAPTAIN MORGAN BLACK RUM 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
CAPTAIN MORGAN WHITE RUM 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
COURVOISIER VS 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
BOMBAY SAPPHIRE 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
BELL'S 8 YEAR OLD 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
PIMM'S NO.1 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
DRAMBUIE 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
COINTREAU 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
BEEFEATER GIN 70CL 40% "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
MARTINI ROSSO 75CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
CAMPARI 70CL "Allergy Advice=N"
PERNOD 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
AFTERSHOCK BLUE CITRUS 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
AFTERSHOCK HOT & COOL RED 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
ARCHER'S PEACH SCHNAPPS 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
BAILEYS IRISH CREAM 70CL "Allergy Advice=Milk"
GRAND MARNIER CORDON ROUGE 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
SOUTHERN COMFORT 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
ANTICA SAMBUCA 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
BACARDI OAKHEART 70CL 35% "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
ISLE OF JURA 10 YEAR OLD 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
GLENFIDDICH 12 YEAR OLD 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
HENDRICK'S GIN 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
SCHWEPPES BITTER LEMON 24X125ML NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
SCHWEPPES TONIC 24X125ML NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
MONSTER ENERGY 24X250ML CAN "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
J2O Apple and Mango 24x275ML NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
J2O Apple and Raspberry 24X275ML "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
J2O Midnight Amber 24X275ML NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
J2O Orange and Passionfruit 24X275ML "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
SCHWEPPES CANADA DRY 24X125ML NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
BRITVIC CRANBERRY JUICE 24X160ML NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
BRITVIC PINEAPPLE JUICE 24X160ML NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
BRITVIC TOMATO JUICE 24X160ML NRB "Allergy Advice=Barley"
BRITVIC GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 24X160ML NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
BRITVIC ORANGE JUICE 24X160ML NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
COKE 24X200ML NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
DIET COKE 24X200ML NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
SCHWEPPES LEMONADE 24X125ML NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
JACQUES FRUITS DE BOIS 6X750ML 5.5% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
JACQUES ORCHARD FRUITS 6X750ML 5.5% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
BULMERS BOLD BLACK CHERRY 12X568ML 4.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
BULMERS NO17 RED BERRY & LIME 12X568ML 4.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
ASPALL DRAUGHT CYDER 12X500ML 5.5% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
WOODPECKER CIDER 24X275ML 3.5% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
STELLA CIDRE PEAR 12X568ML 4.5% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
STELLA CIDRE RASPBERRY 12X500ML 4.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
MAGNERS ORCHARD BERRIES 12X500ML 4% NRB "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
SOMERSBY BLACKBERRY 8/500/4% NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
SOMERSBY APPLE BURST 8/500/4.5% NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
SOMERSBY CRANBERRY 8/500/4% NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
PIMM'S CIDER CUP STRAWBERRY & MINT 8X500ML "Allergy Advice=Sulphites"
WKD IRON BREW 24X275ML 4.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
WKD VEGAS 24/275/4.0 NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
WKD BLUE 24X275ML 4.0% NRB "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
VK Tropical 24x275ml 4.0% "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
VK STRAWBERRY & LIME 24X275ML 4.0% "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
VK ORANGE & PASSIONFRUIT 24X275ML 4.0% "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
VK ICE STORM 24X275ML 4.0% "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
KAH TEQUILA SKULL BLANCO 70CL 40% "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
SAILOR JERRY RUM 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
GLENROTHES VINTAGE RESERVE 70CL "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
OPIHR ORIENTAL SPICED GIN 70CL 40% "Allergy Advice=No Allergen"
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