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 Granary Club Rules within the Bar and Granary 

 1) As a member you are expected to conduct yourself in an orderly manner at all times. Bar staff are there to serve you at their discretion and are NOT there to take abuse, they have the right to ask a member to leave if their conduct is out of line.

 2) A Guest must be signed in by a member, & while they are in the club the member is responsible for them. The same guest may only be signed into the club once in 3 months.

 3) Gaming Machines - Only fully paid members are allowed to play the machine

 4) Children are NOT allowed at the bar at any time. Those aged 14 and under must have left the club by 8.30pm. Only when there is a special event e.g. New Years Eve will these rules alter for the evening. Children must be supervised by there parents at all times, and is that of the responsibility of the parent to see that there is no annoyance caused to other members within the club otherwise a member of staff will have to ask you to leave.

 5) Snooker - Will be played in-turn by entering your name on the board if the table is already in play. It is the responsibility of those playing to check the board at the end of each game to see if someone is waiting. When you have finished playing and there is no one waiting to play, the table must be re-covered. Guests may play but not at the expense of the members waiting to play. 16 year old may also play but under supervision of a parent of which are responsible for them and the table while in the club.
6) The Management will promote the club from time to time and offer promotions to increase membership numbers at their discretion.
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